EMI Paper Management System



STATUS: Review of abstracts has completed and new abstract submissions are no longer being accepted. Notification of abstracts have been sent by email to corresponding authors. If you are a corresponding author and have not received notification of abstract submission, please contact the conference chairs at to emipmc12@nd.edu. Note that only accepted abstracts can be currently edited through the paper management system.

NEXT REQUIRED STEPS: To be included in the conference program, by April 15, 2012:

  1. 1. The presenting author is required to register for the conference (this individual will need the abstract number when doing so)
  2. 2. Corresponding author is required to enter the paper management system and edit their abstract and authorship to comply with guidelines for the final conference program (see abstract formatting guidelines)
  3. 3. Submit optional full papers, up to 10 pages, formatted to conference specifications as BOTH a word document (.doc, .docx) and PDF to emipmc12@nd.edu with the Abstract Number as the subject line (Formatting requirements: instructions, template.doc)


Please note that while the full paper is optional, it must be submitted if you wish to be considered for any special journal issues organized after the conference or for the student paper competitions.

QUESTIONS: Email emipmc12@nd.edu.


Frequently Asked Questions

When are final abstracts and papers due?
Abstracts must be finalized in the portal by April 15, 2012; Optional papers submitted by email to emipmc12@nd.edu by April 15, 2012
When will I know if my abstract is accepted?
All abstracts have been reviewed. Notifications should be received via email by March 5, 2012. However, final acceptance in the conference proceedings is conditional on the registration of at least one author who will present the work at EMI/PMC 2012.
How do I update my abstract for the Conference Program?
I forgot my password. What do I do?
Is the paper management system separate for EMI and PMC?
Yes, abstracts are managed separately for the two conferences. Manage your EMI account. Manage your PMC account.
Do I need to write a full paper?
Full papers are optional for all authors, except for students participating in paper competitions. However, if authors would like their work to be eligible for special issues of ASCE journals dedicated to the conference, they must submit a full paper by email (emipmc12@nd.edu) by APRIL 15, 2012. Paper formatting instructions and template are available.